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Dolci alla castagna

Chestnut jam cream 210 g

€ 5.50

Velvety cream and very delicate on the palate. The chestnut cream was made starting from suitably rehydrated and skilfully crafted dried chestnuts.

Tartufi alla cioccolata e castagna (cioccolatini) 120 g

€ 6.50

Cioccolatini dal carattere dolce ma deciso, che esaltano l’incontro della frutta secca con il cacao e del cioccolato con la castagna.

Castacioccolata in a cup - 2 cups

€ 2.00

Powder mix for 2 cups of chestnut chocolate Preparation: mix the contents of the bag in a saucepan with 200 ml of milk added a little at a time. Bring to the boil over low heat while continuing to mix very well.

Sbrisolona del Ventasso

€ 12.50

Artisan cake with chestnut flour from Borgo di Cecciola